Elphie11 (hasty_pudding) wrote in garnetvalley,

Back to the Depths of Satan's Anus

Yes its true! Another rich white kid has been added to the Garnet Valley Community! Though I'm not conservative..so I don't know if I quite fit all of the requirements in Garnet Valley.
So...high school...whats the word I'm looking for? Oh thats it...SOB. I know we're loley stupid unknowing freshmen, but come ON, if we're just sitting there not saying anything and not doing anything except nervously fumbling with a folder because you know absolutely no one in your Spanish class I don't think we deserve to be mocked by sophomores. I mean...they were freshmen just last year! Crowded hallways, mean sophomores, big building, confusing cafeteria. I don't like it.
Shitty public school system, zero tolerence, white rich girls who try to be sluts by streaking their hair, wearing hoop earrings bigger than their ears, and shirts meant for a toddler. Yes, the scent of conformism and loss of individuality funs through the air....Hi and Welcome to Garnet Valley High School.

Maybe I should stop listening to my rebellious tree hugging hippie feminist sister.....or else I could follow in her footsteps.
I choose the latter!
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