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tee minus 1.5 days left

NO NO NO NO NO! I DON'T WANT SCHOOL TO END! I REFUSE TO LET MY MIDDLE SCHOOL CAREER COME TO AN END! I don't wanna go to the highschool! I don't wanna leave the middle school! Most of all, i don't want to walk into social studies without the little spark of excitement Mr. Pease always gave me! I wanted to learn in his class...i did learn in his class! What about my other classes!?!? Mrs. Bauer's clas was kinda boring, but i learned how to do the stuff with ease! Mr. Shepanski...was funny! every day i would wonder what he would go off on now! Miss whimpenny, the most awesome Language Arts teacher..EVER! She is still our age at heart, so i always felt like i could count on her to use her phone, or she was just plain fun to hang around with! i'm gonna miss journals...i'm gonna miss teachers that actually care about their students...i just know one of the first things the high school teachers are gonna say is "welcome to highschool, time to grow up!" I DON'T WANNA GROW UP! i still feel like a middle schooler. i've been spoiled i know...i only blame myself though. and exams...good god i don't know what i am gonna do about exams...
i don't want school to end.
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