J. Walter Weatherman (alexvi_incest) wrote in garnetvalley,
J. Walter Weatherman

are you sasi?

thought that something should be posted here about sasi, seeing as how we all hate it. i thought we could join together in our hate and make a big ball of it and maybe throw it at someone? preferably the administration assholes who thought sasi would be a good idea?

we get our sasi schedules tomorrow, but i could never get on the computer, so does anyone know what will be on my schedule? they said there was no more enh. detention, so i'm confused...

and does anyone know who ordered the silicon bracelets that are garnet and say "are you sasi?" if you find out, please let me know, i would like to buy a billion of them.

feel free to post your own rant in the comments if you don't want to make a whole other entry, i have merely tried to open the forum for all of us to vent our angers and frustrations.

down with sasi!
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